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What Do Featherweights Rehydrate To? An Unofficial Weight Reference List

The following is a list compiled from our main page:

Fight Night Boxing Weights: A List Of Unofficial Weigh-in Weights After Rehydration

Please note: This particular reference list page is reserved only for Featherweights fighting without catch-weights, that we have on file. Where we have seen catch-weights implemented within the division's range, we will try to make note. This page is meant to answer the question only of what your standard Featherweight rehydration will look like for educational purposes, whether you are interested academically or for betting purposes, debate, whatever. I hope you find it helpful if you've recently done a search for it. If you like what we do here, please bookmark, share, link to us, comment, etc. If you have a correction on any typos or special, relevant information you feel we should make note of, any error or anything at all, please feel free to comment. What we get the most response to we will likely work the most to expand on. Thanks for your visit.

Featherweight: 126 lbs 



Evgeny Gradovich VS Jayson Velez - Contested at Featherweight

Gradovich: 140
Velez: 137


Nicholas Walters VS Nonito Donaire - Contested at Featherweight

Donaire: 133
Walters 138


Vasyl Lomachenko VS Gary Russell Junior - Contested at Featherweight

Lomachenko: 138
Russell: 138.5


Orlando Salido VS Vasyl Lomachenko - This was scheduled for Featherweight with Salido failing to make weight and weighing 128.25 - Lomachenko made the Featherweight limit. So, in essence it was contested at Featherweight for Lomachenko and Super Featherweight for Salido.

Salido: 147
Lomachenko: 136



Nonito Donaire VS Vic Darchinyan II - Contested at Featherweight

Donaire: 131
Darchinyan: 133


Abner Mares VS Daniel Ponce De Leon - Contested at Featherweight

Mares: 126 - 133
Ponce De Leon: 126 - 137.5 



Yuriorkis Gamboa VS Orlando Salido -  Contested at Featherweight

Gamboa: 140
Salido: 140



Chris John VS Rocky Juarez I

John: 133
Juarez:  135 or 136, apologies, I couldn't make this out at the time I recorded this one and Jim Lampley didn't read it exactly when he read off HBO's TOTT. There is an upload on Youtube.com of this match and it's too blurry for me to be certain, even at the highest setting (480).



Juan Manuel Marquez VS Jimrex Jaca - Contested at Featherweight

Marquez: 136
Jaca:  136



Marco Antonio Barrera VS Paulie Ayala

Barrera: 130
Ayala: 135



Erik Morales VS Kevin Kelley - Contested at Featherweight

Morales: 130
Kelley: 132

Source: Sources for all matches are during the fight broadcast's tale of the tape unless otherwise noted.

Post comments for any potential corrections or requests, please.

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