Sunday, January 18, 2015

Greg Jackson Shows Tremendous Recovery Ability: GIF Spotlight

The 6-footer welterweight prospect Greg Jackson took on less prospective prospect Cornelius Whitlock on this last installment of Friday Night Fights. Whitlock came to the bout with 2 losses, 2 draws and 1 No-Contest in only seven fights. One of his wins had been converted from a knockout victory to a no contest on account of a failed drug test, sadly. But, unusually, the Just For Men highlight punch of the night for the ESPN(2) broadcast was the winner of this bout walking into a HONEY of a knockdown shot. Here is winner Greg Jackson getting the Hulk smash from Cornelius Whitlock:

Greg Jackson deserves a spotlight for pulling it together like very few can after getting put down this way. Notice Cornelius Whitlock doing a little dance when he knocks Greg Jackson down. Jackson did a little dance after stopping Whitlock in return.

Warning: He who dances last. . .won the fight.

Work that bag,
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