Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sergey Kovalev's Arm of Honour: GIF Spotlight

Apparently not feeling warmly received as the challenger or champion in Wales, after taking Welsh Light Heavyweight Nathan Cleverly's major world title, Sergey Kovalev lets the audience know he isn't that fond of them either, on this BoxNation broadcast. He does this via the Bras D'Honneur, the Iberian slap, a banana, the botifarra, the corte de manga, the manguito, the corte de manga, the mentada de madre, the umbrella gesture, the Kozakiewicz's gesture, bosanski grb, the Italian salute, the old 'Krup you, Officer Krupke'. . . The ole Spaceballs 'Hale Skroob!'. . .Et cetera.

Work that bag,
Basement Gym Boxing

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