Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tevin Farmer VS Emanuel Gonzalez: Farmer Dominates & Derails Opponent

The main event on FS1 this past week was Tevin Farmer VS Emanuel Gonzalez, a very fine match on paper between two Super Featherweight prospects. We've got an undefeated prospect in Gonzalez and a fighter who has a significant edge in professional rounds and quality of experience in Tevin Farmer. Farmer was far too slick, too quick, and too much of everything for Gonzalez except pure brute force. Farmer, with only three knockouts, may not have come particularly close to stopping Gonzalez, but make no mistake in that he had everything else over him.

Farmer is mentioned to have been sparring partners for both current Light Welterweight Champion of the World Danny Garcia and the intensely watched Featherweight prospect and former Olympic Gold Medalist Vasyl Lomachenko. He warned that his losses were while learning on the job and it certainly looks likely from the refined performance of this broadcast. He gave all the defensive and offensive angles that Gonzalez could handle in the few competitive moments and a lot more that he couldn't come close to handling throughout the fight. The score cards were rightfully wide. There were no adjustment to Farmer constantly popping his straight left down the pike on Gonzalez and Farmer, knowing that you don't fix broken things, enjoyed punching Gonzalez so much, in such a rhythm, even doubled and tripled his straight lefts at times with no price paid for this entertainment.

One of Farmer's three losses is to recent ESPN fighter, Poland's Super Featherweight prospect, Kamil Laszcyk. Separated by one weight class, coming through different recent TV channels but in the same circuit, as far not being on an HBO or Showtime level of prestige, maybe we'll see a rematch of these two, with their seasoning bringing intrigue. Both are 23 and seem very ready for a tougher test. I'd like to see both again. As far as Gonzalez is concerned, I'm not familiar with him and maybe he looks better against a different style of fighter. Against Farmer, however, he seemed lost. Trying, but lost.

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