Thursday, June 19, 2014

Prichard Colon VS Carlos Garcia: FS1 Opens Show With Puerto Rican Showcase Match

The set up: 

With Felix Trinidad, recent Hall of Fame inductee, in attendance, supporting a young Puerto Rican, Light Middleweight prospect in Prichard Colon, FS1 put a terrible mismatch showcase fight on tonight. They dished up something that no one should have thought would be a good match on paper. This can be okay, when you have just started, in your opening matches, but considering Prichard's nine victories and victories only, I really didn't like this match for television. If I were managing him, I'd have liked that match just fine. But tuning in as a viewer, it left a sour taste in my mouth. Prichard Colon came to the ring with 9 knockout victories in 9 fights and his opponent is Carlos Garcia, a young Puerto Rican journeyman with a lot of experience but more losses than wins and having suffered six, count them, six knockout losses. Again, I just don't like this kind of fight being televised. Is it part of the business? Sure. There's nothing unusual here and I understand it's part of the sport but I don't think any of us tune into the live fights to see every grungy thing that's part and parcel of boxing careers. There should be a minimum allowable likelihood of risk in television matches and this one didn't meet the level I think that should be. Leave this type of match off of the broadcast cards, please, FS1.

The action and outcome:

How did Colon look against the predictably over-matched opponent? I thought he looked a little ponderous with his hand speed, fairly upright in his style, but professionally patient, and, most tellingly about him and the support for him, he looked brutally, punishingly heavy-handed. By the fifth round stoppage for Colon's tenth straight kayo win, it was hard to find a minute of the fight where Garcia didn't look to be hurting from what Colon had for him. I'd wager, despite having seemingly all the right guys to knockout, that Colon's power is very real and the reason he is being set up for a showcase on television like this.

What it means to me:

You fight who they put in front of you. I don't knock Colon for building his record like you are supposed to. This is a business as well as a sport and that's the business model. I do want to see Colon again, but with no less than a winning record journeyman at the least. He's definitely ready to step up his opposition. While it's tough to call this a test, Garcia was spirited and experienced if nothing else, so if it was a test, Colon passed with flying colours and is more than ready for tougher tests. For Garcia? Spirit alone cannot make up for his inability to hang at this level. No disrespect to his effort but I don't want to see Garcia back on these broadcasts getting smacked around by someone we know he shouldn't be in with. Sports should be sporting. This was taking advantage of a guy trying to earn a living more than sport, I think. Stamp it
"Not suitable for television," FS1.

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