Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ievgen Khytrov VS Chris Chatman: Chatman goes out on his shield

ESPN's Friday Night Fights this past week aired during the International Boxing Hall of Fame induction clamor and brought out the stars even for a smaller card. Present were:


Announced before the first match and on camera:
1. Mike Tyson
2. Zab Judah
3. Rosie Perez
4. Andre Ward
5. Oscar De La Hoya

For interviews and commentating on behalf of ESPN: Nigel Collins, Teddy Atlas & Todd Grisham
Also on the broadcast as Teddy's demonstration guest was Aaron Pryor.

The setup: Ievgen "The Ukrainian Lion" Khytrov, former Olympian and young Middleweight prospect VS southpaw veteran road warrior of the Light Middleweight and Middleweight division Chris Chatman. In short, Chatman was looking to be set up as a showcase opponent for Khytrov.

The fight: Chatman does not take willful part in showcases for his opponents. His punching technique may not be the most surgical but not a rat's rear is given to who is supposed to be winning this match. He lets his hand go immediately and staggered the Ukrainian in the first round, almost knocking him down. The referee warns Khytrov about shoving Chatman around, probably out of frustration after getting staggered. The width of Chatman's shots probably didn't do him any favours over the rest of the round as he may have gotten overexcited and sloppier, thinking he could take him out for a big upset.

As the fight progresses, Chatman's hooks getting wider, Khytrov's enormous amateur pedigree starting to show against the awkward southpaw, the fight is still sloppy. Khytrov shoves Chatman down on the ropes again and it's rightfully ruled to not be a knockdown. He's testing the ref's patience now. He gets another warning.

Chatman is flailing punches in round three and it looks like he might be tiring but he is still putting everything he's got into this match when Khytrov lands a fantastic, straight right, short counter left hook combination and that hook really lands on the button and puts the smaller man on his back. Chatman gets up but the ref, probably rightfully, rules him too incapacitated to try and continue. Khytrov's hand gets raised in victory, Olympic rings tattooed on his bicep, happy. He did not start well, but he finished in style. TKO3.

Summary: Khytrov is fan-friendly but the defensive holes make it look to me like he's not ready to advance beyond this level just yet. I'd like to see him again and he's recommended viewing for casual fans for certain.

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