Thursday, June 19, 2014

McWilliams Arroyo VS Froilan Saludar: Start Slow, End Fast, Win

The set up: 

Years removed from his lone loss and on a streak of three kayo victories in a row, Flyweight prospect McWilliams Arroyo comes to fight in front of his home country against undefeated Filipino prospect Froilan "The Sniper" Saludar. On the broadcast, it is said Saludar has never been down or in trouble. But, while he is nicknamed as a puncher and coming off an early knockout victory, interestingly, before that victory were four straight decision wins against unheralded opponents. This is curious, for a fighter who likes to punch in bunches and is said to only need one to put a man away. While it is not currently listed so on boxrec, commentator Danny Jacobs says this is an IBF eliminator of some sort.

The action:

A very strange first round as Arroyo, the hometown fighter, seems to have none of the fire and excitement his opponent has. He is dominated the first round and doesn't even seem particularly interested. Either he's a slow starter, something is wrong with him or Saludar has him baffled with his ranginess and speed. It was about a minute into the second when you got even the slightest sense of what was to come. A right hook to Saludar's body, left hook to his head lands hard. A combination that staggered Saludar just a bit. It's clear when Arroyo throws, he throws with bad intentions.

With about a minute to go, Saludar, fighting every bit like a Pacquiao fan, jumping in and out with quick combinations, eats a flush left hook from Arroyo, who probably understands how badly he's being outworked and is trying to land hard enough to give his man something to respect. He is at a speed disadvantage. He's trying to punch inside flurries coming at him. About 10 seconds later, the same punch lands and Saludar is laid out on his back, breathing the way a man breathes when he's been bulldozed. He tries but cannot recover. As they help him up he is disappointed but grinning a what-can-you-do grin.

Summary and meaning:

While he started slowly, Arroyo finished quickly. Wow. The power on display is impressive. I like Saludar and think he'd be welcomed onto another card soon. I don't think he can be written off as a hopeful yet. He started very well. Arroyo is now on a twelve-fight winning streak, stretching back to 2010. He's hot. Bring him back soon.

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