Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cesar Seda VS Alex Rangel: Seda Remains Relevant

The set up: 

Cesar Seda, who had only two losses in 27 matches, has only lost to top shelf fighters in Leo Santa Cruz and Omar Narvaez, both of whom were undefeated fighters when he faced them. A Puerto Rican contender in front of a Puerto Rican crowd against Alex Rangel, a Mexican near-prospect. Rangel is coming off a stoppage loss but it is a late-round stoppage and his only loss by knockout. Rangel is a tough, little scrapper who likes to get into range and let his hands go. I wouldn't call him a real prospect, but he is in no way a pushover, and maybe even just a notch under what you need to be, to be considered a legitimate prospect at this stage of his career. Rangel enters into hostile territory, on paper. Perhaps the crowd is too happy to have Felix Trinidad in attendance to be all that hostile though.

The action:

The match starts off a bit sloppy. The first round alone sees two non-punch-related trips to the canvas. Rangel gets put down on a hard shoulder bump and shove from the bigger, stronger Seda and Seda visits the canvas on a wild, missed swing. I'm sure he wanted to see if he could get an early blowout in front of his people. After Seda begins to calm down, he basically sets the tone for the fight with his confidence that Rangel cannot hurt him and cannot outbox him. Once he seems confident in this, he does a fine job in never letting the momentum slip into Rangel's favour. Seda was bigger, stronger and just a bit smarter, knowing when to step back out of Rangel's range to take control, knowing that he can step into any exchange, any time, and Rangel wasn't going to get the best of it.

A fair UD10, for Seda.

The summary and meaning:

It was competitive enough to be a good watch, without being so competitive as to make Seda's stock drop. It's a nice showing from both men with one being a clear cut higher than the other. A far better matched fight than the opener and much appreciated on this card. Without it, we didn't have much sustained boxing substance to the broadcast event, which suffered multiple broadcast errors throughout the card. Two false breaks into a commercial, and one video outage while the audio continued, all before the main event. It was not without trouble, traveling to Puerto Rico, for FS1, tonight. Seda is still a relevant contender and Rangel maintains a solid level in the game. He may not be a prospect but he's a respectable fighter. Both would do well in future televised events, albeit at different levels.

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  1. OT: I like watching Manny Pacquiao again and again. I like especially Manny Pacquiao's amazing hand speed on the Double End Bag. It's so awesome!!