Saturday, December 14, 2013

Josesito Lopez VS Mike Arnaoutis: Mighty Mike Relatively Mighty in Defeat, Yet Again

Yet again, Mike Arnaoutis proves he isn't a shot fighter. Yet again, he's done his underrepresented Greece and himself proud, yet again with a fine account of himself in still another loss. Mike falls to 24-10-2, in one of the most deceptive records among active fighters. He dropped Lopez not only in a surprise knockdown but on a jab, and declares he'd like a rematch afterward. It's a technical decision defeat after a serious cut is opened on a headbutt. Lopez barely scrapes by on points. I think the score could have fairly gone either way. The fight itself was technically interesting, as Arnaoutis showed how decepetive his record is, and how genuinely solid an operator he can be.

His footwork had Lopez overextending himself and off balance for a large portion of the fight, unable to do what he does best. He had massive trouble setting his feet and pinning Mike down. But it looked like Lopez had finally adjusted his game and begun to get momentum on his side when the fight ended. Lopez has luck on his side through a surprisingly tough night and improves his record to 31-6-0. These men are both seemingly sitting in fringe contender territory and unwilling to quit. Mike being the supposedly done (well done) underdog makes him the star of the card, in my book.

Fight notes:

*Aired on FS1 (with commentators Mario Solis and Rich Marotta)
*Lopez claims to be working through injury troubles to his arm and knuckles (?)
*Arnaoutis says he would like a rematch

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