Friday, December 20, 2013

Quote on Antonio Tarver's Power: Former Boxer, Brian Adams on FS1

On FS1, Antonio Tarver recently took apart game heavyweight journeyman Mike Sheppard. Tarver is 45-years-old and looking to make a run for a heavyweight title. He did demonstrate some stopping power against Sheppard, but he also demonstrated excessive weight. He says within a year he'll be able to beat any heavyweight, though right now he's not quite ready to take on the division's kingpin Wladimir Klitschko. What I found most interesting about the broadcast of his match was not Tarver's conditioning or demonstration of stopping power but rather former fighter Brian Adams' comments on Tarver's power.

Here was the exchange between fellow commentator Alan Massengale and Adams:


"Sheppard is the kind of fighter that says "Well, I'm gonna go right at him. What else can I do?" And that presents challenges for Tarver, who's always been a pretty slick fighter, but you need power in this division, just to keep people at bay, at the very least."


"Tell you a little story about Antonio Tarver's power. He never appeared to be a one-punch knockout type guy. But I remember in the amateurs, all of the super heavyweight guys, and  heavyweight guys, used to hate sparring with him. Because they all said he punched harder than other heavyweights and other super heavyweights, and he was a light heavyweight in the amateurs."

I don't think Tarver will make much noise at heavyweight, considering his age and the fact that the champion even has two mandatory opponents already lined up in recent upset man Alex Leapai and long-time Ring-ranked Kubrat Pulev. That said, Tarver's notable durability, championship experience, veteran craft and apparently not inconsiderable punching power could certainly see him get a well-regarded heavyweight name win. Personally, I would be very interested in seeing how he matches up with another man trying to make his way in the land of giants after a late move up-Steve Cunningham.

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