Saturday, December 14, 2013

Francisco Vargas VS Jerry Belmontes: When Your Slickness is Too Rough

Showing an astounding level of confidence in a very inefficient level of slick-styled defense, Jerry Belmontes, while taking a lot of steam off of a lot of Vargas' punches, still took one heck of a lot of scoring punches, en route to a clear and wide decision defeat. The shoulder roll lost him the fight as much as Vargas' ability won it, in my opinion. This was a strange one.

That's not to say Belmontes doesn't have solid talent, but he should've adjust when he was failing to stop the punches from scoring, despite being able to lessen their affect. That is also not to say that Vargas didn't show anything but Jerry's rough slickness. He had a good instinct for anticipating when Belmontes would dip into a left hook, he didn't get frazzled by fouls, he showed constant focus and the ability to put punches together enough to ruin Belmontes' chances of winning almost any round. But still, I didn't think he looked particularly sharp so much as Belmontes' defensive game failed and held stubbornly consistent in the worst way.

Vargas stays undefeated, and probably a little bit confused by his opponent's game plan. It might be a better fit if Belmontes chooses to put his hands up next time he gets in at this level. Both to block shots and to avoid making his opponents infertile. He landed several low blows. He had one good enough round where I thought he looked a bit like Miguel Vazquez (who is, by the way, still a titlist, still undefeated, and still not fought in 2013) but it was still a lot of confidence for not a lot of substance, in that, the ninth round. It was a bit too little and a bit too late. Francisco Vargas UD10 Jerry Belmontes. He earns the well regarded NABF Super Featherweight title for his fine effort.

Fight notes:
*The fight aired on FS1 (with commentators Mario Solis and Rich Marotta)
*A Golden Boy Promotions card
*Belmontes was cautioned multiple times for low blows and other fouling

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