Saturday, December 14, 2013

JoJo Diaz VS Carlos Rodriguez: JoJo is Too Big, Too Quick, Too Strong, Too Skilled

JoJo Diaz, a pro for less than a year and already finishing his eighth fight tonight was in a showcase match, despite the very best efforts that Carlos Rodriguez could give. The 35-fight veteran Rodriguez gave Diaz good experience rounds and all his best attempts to adjust, but, in short, Rodriguez was outsized, out-skilled, out-sped, out-gunned, and outmatched in every way but that extra pro experienced. Diaz, a sharp boxer puncher, did essentially as he pleased and showed the crowd he was a man to watch. At 21, he's looking as professional, confident and collected as you can possibly expect a prospect to be. A very good show from the southpaw former 2012 Olympian. Diaz TKO 7 Rodriguez. While Diaz did himself every favour with this performance, Rodriguez did himself no disservice. The stoppage call by Raul Caiz Junior was very warranted. Further fight was only further punishment for the game Rodriguez.


*The fight aired on FS1 (with commentators Mario Solis and Rich Marotta)
*A Golden Boy Promotions card
*Commentators mention that they thought they overheard talk of Diaz hurting his hand, but it's assumed to be minor if anything.

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