Monday, September 16, 2013

Quote From Teddy Atlas Regarding Boxing Corruption, Absence of A National Boxing Commission & Judge C. J. Ross On ICE SPORTS

I simply wish to spotlight this quote regarding Saturday's showdown for the lineal light middleweight title between Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather Junior. I plan to post my own thoughts on the fight at some point but for right now, here is the transcript of the televised exchange about this issue, verbatim, or as high an accuracy as I am capable in this post. It's my understanding that it aired on something called ICE SPORTS, of which I am not familiar and can find nothing, but it seems to be connected to ESPN's Sports Center, from the clip I viewed on Youtube.

Robert Flores:

"It was a decided pro-Canelo Alvarez crowd Saturday night in Las Vegas but Floyd "Money" Mayweather silenced them and his opponent to run his record to a perfect 45-0. Welcome inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Robert Flores, joined alongside Teddy Atlas. For Floyd Mayweather, Teddy, it was a dominant-it was a surgical performance over Canelo Alvarez. But not a unanimous decision. C. J. Ross, the lone judge to have it a draw, and another dubious decision for this judge, the same judge that scored Timothy Bradley a win over Manny Pacquiao last June. Your thoughts on the draw by C. J. Ross?"

Teddy Atlas:

"And Another dubious situation and another black eye for boxing and guess what? Boxing is like the cyclops. There's no more eyes left to blacken. This is really destroying the boxing industry and it takes us away from the marvelous performance of Floyd Mayweather. Look, we're in the betting capital of the world. They put a betting line on anything. You can bet on the coin toss in the super bowl. You can bet on the under/over for how long the national anthem's going to go in the super bowl. But I can guarantee you, one line that will not be up in this town tomorrow. And that will be the line of whether or not C. J. Ross, that criminal, that-that corrupt or incompetent, whatever you want to call her, I don't know what she is, but this is the second time she's done this just- as you just finished saying. There will be no line up tomorrow whether or not she will be reprimanded by this commission, or any commission. Because she won't be. Because it doesn't happen in boxing. Boxing is unregulated. It has no national commission like the other sports and it's destroying itself."

Robert Flores:

"Well, that's a subplot of this Saturday, that this magnificent night for Floyd Mayweather-But the headline is "Money" Mayweather stays undefeated, stays dominant."

A currently active available Youtube clip of the exchange:

Work that bag,
Basement Gym Boxing

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