Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adonis Stevenson VS Tavoris Cloud: Adonis Stevenson Puts On Constant Clinic, Taunting Cloud At Every Chance To A Knockout

(Rough Draft preliminary draft as it happens, will be touched up later)

Round 1: Stevenson dominates and hurts Cloud's left eye seemingly. There is a mark, but I don't think it's cut. Straight left.

Round 2: Stevenson is completely mugging for the camera. Cloud hits Stevenson in the shoulder and knocks him back to the ropes a bit. Cloud slips trying to cut off the ring on the champion. Cloud's too hesitant, too slow of foot and finds it too difficult to pin Stevenson down.

Round 3: Adonis Stevenson still thinks he's Jersey Joe Walcott with his shuffling and he's laying in multiple straight lefts flush. The champion is warned to keep 'em up.

Round 4: The champion looks to be in for the kill, right hooking, uppercuts, straight lefts...Roy Jones says the left eye of cloud now bleeding after being damaged in round one. Cloud is just clueless on getting inside save for an odd punch here and there. All Adonis here. He's as comfortable as can be and taunting Cloud. He lands a great body shot that seems to hurt Cloud. Stevenson still playing to the crowd, enjoying his championship status. I'm surprised the body shot didn't put Cloud down the way it looked. The body shot came as part of a combination. Great work by Adonis.

Round 5:The ref has to break them and warns the guys for not breaking when he says and continuing to fight. Adonis muscles Cloud to the ground, blatantly. I didn't see a warning from the referee.The commentators are saying Stevenson's corner has instructed him to work the body in this round. Adonis still rarely letting Cloud set himself at all. Cloud can't fight his fight like this. Not even close. Adonis tags him at will.

Round 6:  Stevenson fires straight to the body, the ref warns him for going low. I didn't notice it was low. I hope they replay later. This is a route regardless. Stevenson is fighting like, well, the champion. Cloud is fighting like, well, the opponent. All rounds for Stevenson, who taunts Cloud still.

Round 7: Roy Jones says, terrific comment that it is, that Adonis is sacrificing a little of his immense power for speed and movement. I think it's true and he's doing incredibly well with it. Cloud is stumbled off balance. Stevenson is teeing off on him all over the place, taunting him still. Cloud's too slow and now his right eye is bleeding too! Merciless stuff here. This is sad for Cloud. That's all I can say. It's sad to see a former titlist get dominated like this and taunted. Cloud's hurt and stumbled again. He tries to fight back and Adonis darts out effortlessly.

Cloud's corner stops the fight. That's it. As the viewer next to me says "Might as well." That's fair enough. TKO/RTD7, Adonis Stevenson.

Adonis Stevenson put on a complete clinic, no rounds won by the challenger, and he was conscious of it every second of the fight, it seemed, rubbing it in the entire time. The lineal light heavyweight title of the world does not change hands this night. On to Kovalev for Stevenson? I hope so. 

Max Kellerman asks Stevenson about Kovalev. Stevenson says, essentially, that he's fighting champions and Kovalev needs to beat a few too (even though Kovalev did recently defeat two titlists, as Stevenson has just done). Oh, well.

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