Thursday, September 12, 2013

Diego De La Hoya VS Luis Cosme: The Golden Kid Is A Vicious Man In Debut Fight

Tonight, in a billed super bantamweight contest, new representative of the De La Hoya family and debuting fighter, Diego De La Hoya, matches significantly more experienced Luis Cosme (8-3-1). In round one, Diego comes out confidently trying to work the body and the jab. His jab seems very stiff, fitting into the family tree. He's got fast hands and though he takes a few good shots, he clearly wins the round and isn't put off by the disparity in experience or getting caught. 

In round two, excellent straight punches are on display by Diego. They're fighting rough and pushing each other around, in addition to the punches thrown. But Diego is throwing a lot more leather and his punches are mostly belting shots. Clear round for Diego, that.

In round three, mostly Cosme seems looking for mistakes of DLH to throw an odd shot in. You can tell Diego's power is something to be respected. Diego puts his pedal to the metal and puts together enough to put Cosme down. It's an incredibly long assault and wouldn't have been advisable in a longer scheduled fight. The ref calls it. I think it was initially a right uppercut that did the most damage by itself but he wouldn't have gone down if DLH hadn't have committed to such a long assault. He really was all over Cosme like a rabid dog.

In closing, this one looks to be a crowd pleaser, whether he becomes a champion or not. Good luck to him and congrats on his vicious debut.

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