Saturday, September 7, 2013

2012 Ohio Olympian Terrell Gausha VS Austin Marcum Ends Painfully In Two

(Aired on the nineteenth of August, 2013-I've just received my DVR back to post about this match recently)

Middleweight prospect Terrell Gausha got a good television spot to open FS1's boxing broadcast in August against Austin Marcum. If you liked what you saw from the Cleveland native, he's also slated to fight on the twelfth against Bruce Runkle on the MGM grand card which has fellow Ohioan Sean Porter in his rematch with Julio Diaz scheduled.

In round one, Gausha calmly pops his jab throughout. He looks the naturally bigger man. He significantly hurts Marcum, who is pumped for a fight, and puts him down into the ropes at the last moment of the round. The ref counts and proceeds to let him to his stool, satisfied that at least with the minute's recovery time he should be allowed to continue. It was really three punches, a left and two rights, that all looked to hurt Marcum by themselves before he finally slumped down onto the middle rope. I am very surprised Marcum was able to compose himself and come back for the second round after the way he went down there. It looked to be a close to the show at that point, honestly.

In the second round, Marcum gave a flurry to Gausha's body, shoe-shining type punches, it seemed. Not long after that, with a perfect example of class difference, Gausha took Marcum down on mostly body shots. Instead of a flurrying, they were crushing blows that brought Marcum crumpled to the canvas. He endured some serious punishment for a two-rounder. A game showing from Marcum but a promising showing from Gausha. He was calm, confident and overall impressively professional for his number of pro fights, having come to the ring with only four.

Miscellaneous note: The night's commentators were Paulie Malignaggi, Bernard Hopkins and Dave Bontempo.

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