Friday, December 15, 2017

Billy Joe Saunders Exposes Himself, Then Golden Boy Exposes Him Too (NSFW Spotlight)

Folks, I have seen a lot of things at weigh-ins. I've seen fighters slap, hug, kiss, bite, and more than a few strip scenes, but this is a new chain of events for me. Today, about 8 hours ago, Golden Boy Boxing's Facebook page released uncensored footage of Billy Joe Saunders, who has had issues at weigh-ins before, caught in group dyslexia! First, David Lemieux must re-weigh himself after taking his underwear off, with the standard two helpers covering him from the audience. This is fairly normal. Then, in comes Billy Joe, yapping like an excited pooch, yelling about Lemieux getting weighed again. So, Lemieux weighs himself yet again to show that yes, definitely, he made the weight, no funny business.

Now, Billy Joe, without first weighing himself WITH his underwear on, steps to the scale, yapping, and immediately pulls off his undershorts, exposing himself to the audience, THEN proceeds, in the blink of a type of eye, backwardly, to cover his genitalia with his hand, and only then, as if everyone in the room realizes they're operating in reverse, the two helpers put the cover in front of him to shield the audience and protect them from the undoubted trauma. I can't say the pre-fight entertainment has been without humour. To top it off, Golden Boy not bothering to censor it on their page-...I don't know what to say. Even HBO and Showtime would likely have censored the few frames of Gypsy peekaboo. We have entered a new age in sport, ladies and gentlemen.

NSFW footage from Golden Boy Boxing here: 

Work that bag,

Basement Gym Boxing

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