Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shannon Briggs Makes Baffling Scene At Wladimir Klitschko's Training Camp, But Publicity Is Good

In a bizarre choice of stunts, Shannon Briggs came to Wladimir Klitschko's training camp for Alex Leapai, shouting that he trains there too, that everywhere Klitschko goes, he goes, that Klitschko's been fighting bums, and, of course, he wants the fight with Wladimir, still. Briggs has not had a fight since 2010, when he took a historically remarkable 12-round beating from Vitali Klitschko, compared to Larry Holmes VS Tex Cobb, for horribly one-sided, distance fights in heavyweight title history. He was hospitalised. He hasn't won a fight against a world class opponent since his also historically remarkable come-from-behind 12th-round knockout of Siarhei Liakhovich in 2007, for a major title. He was dominated by Sultan Ibragimov in the interim, who Wladimir then dominated thoroughly and sent into retirement in a hyped stinker. Shannon also makes this move while Wladimir has a fight scheduled with his WBO mandatory, Alex Leapai, and has an IBF mandatory, Kubrat Pulev lined up afterward, barring a large upset against Leapai.

Briggs took off and threw his shoe at Wladimir, who never bothered to stand up while having his hands wrapped, in this video posted by Pound 4 Pound TV:

Klitschko and Briggs have somewhat of a history, as Briggs was once Klitschko's likely opponent around 2006-2007, before being passed over. Wladimir continued to win, while Briggs' career fell off badly, as outlined earlier. Such a strange move might make some wonder if Briggs has lost it. I think he most likely made a calculated move to put his name out there, because publicity tends to pay off, no matter how laughable it is. That's the boxing circus. Does Briggs really want the fight? Well, for doing nothing but having a name and a lot of bluster, I'm sure he does. But does he want it bad enough to do the notoriously small amount it takes to become a mandatory heavyweight challenger these days? Apparently not, because he simply hasn't.

Just the same, I'm slightly appreciative that Briggs made any excitement whatsoever, because the mandatory the WBO are forcing down our throats isn't doing the job for the heavyweight division. That's not a knock on Alex Leapai, but the WBO only. Leapai had a very respectable upset. It's the eliminator that stunk. And that falls on the absurd choices set by the WBO in this particular instance. So, good for Briggs, who is now 42-years-of-age and inactive for over three years. Still making headlines without actually fighting? Not bad a bad move, all things considered. Unless Klitschko sues him for attempted shoe assault, of course. The shoe may have been a step too far.

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