Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fight Preparation Stories: Quote From Jim Lampley About Adonis Stevenson

As we get ready for Adonis Stevenson, current Light Heavyweight Champion of the world, to make his third title defence against Poland's 26-year-old contender Andrzej Fonfara in May, I wanted to spotlight a quote. It's Jim Lampley during Stevenson's walk to the ring, in his last defence, against Tony Bellew, during the live HBO fight broadcast and about Stevenson's supposed fight-day preparation, quirky as it might be.

Jim Lampley:

"Earlier this afternoon, Adonis Stevenson ordered from room service at his hotel enough ice to fill a bathtub to the brim and he emerced himself up to the neck in ice, taking a full-body ice bath, he says, to wake himself up for the fight. Roy, he could've accomplished the same thing, simply by stepping outside here, where the temperature is minus eleven centigrade but I've never heard of a fighter taking a full ice bath on the day of a fight."

Roy Jones Junior: 

"Well, different fighters do different things to get themselves loose, and get themselves to where they can go perform. For him, he probably felt like he was a little sluggish, I mean, he gained fourteen and a half pounds. So, that could be a little sluggishness on him. More than likely, he used the ice to shock him, to get his muscles ready, and to wake himself up because he knows what he's up against."  

Stevenson defeated Bellew by a dominant sixth round TKO. I hope his next hotel has enough ice.

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