Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quote Spotlight: Max Kellerman On Kovalev VS Stevenson: HBO Is HUNGRY! - THE WORLD Is Hungry!

Because it is so close, yet so far away, let's spotlight Max Kellerman when asked about Adonis Stevenson defending his championship against sensational contender Sergey Kovalev. Here he is when asked if he thinks the fight will happen:

Max Kellerman, 2013-11-30:

"Well, I mean, you just heard Stevenson. He wants Carl Froch, who, after his last fight, a lot of people probably calling for Froch. He wants Bernard Hopkins. He wants, the winner, maybe, of Pascal/Bute. So, that means that-that Kovalev is, at best, in fourth place. Here's the problem for Stevenson, who is, make no mistake about it, the Light Heavyweight Champion of the world. Lots of belt holders-Stevenson's the champ. He knocked out Chad Dawson. He's the man who beat the man, who beat the man, etc. The problem is, as impressive as his year has been, Kovalev, I believe, at this moment, is considered the best light heavyweight in the world. And I think would be favoured to beat Stevenson or any other light heavyweight in the world. So, if Stevenson's content with making money-and, after all, this is why they really do it. It's prizefighting. And-and being a kind of Canadian world champion, fighting the likes of the winner of Bute/Pacal, or an older Hopkins, or someone like that, fine. But, if his point is to become a real superstar-and you do that by proving that you're actually the best, I don't think there's a way around Kovalev in the not-too-distant future."

As both Kovalev and Stevenson plan to fight within a couple months of each other, as they trade insults, as HBO has had them on the same broadcast more than once, always asking Stevenson about Kovalev, as fans on the forums froth at the mouth about it, the boxing world awaits one of the hottest potential matches in boxing. Sergey Kovalev will be the heavy favourite against Cedric Agnew, the 29th of this month. Adonis Stevenson will be the heavy favourite against Andrzej Fonfara in May.

If they both come through as expected, no disrespect to the lurking upsets for their opponents, but if they do, how on Earth, with boxing fans excited, with them both publicly fired up and signed to the same channel and the channel so excited to push them together, could this not take place by the end of 2014? If it doesn't, this would easily be one of the biggest failures of the sport this year. Kovalev is the standout contender to the light heavyweight throne. Make no mistake on that. Don't let this cake burn in the oven, boxing.

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