Monday, January 20, 2014

Who Was There? A List Of Celebrities In Attendance At The Fights, For Your Reference

Each of these people has been personally spotted by me during the broadcasts noted, and not taken from outside sources. Bookmark for future reference, as I will update it regularly.

2018 Fights:





Dmitry Bivol VS Sullivan Barrera/Sergey Kovalev VS Igor Mikhalkin Card:
(HBO Broadcast)

1. Michael Buffer, announcer
2. Max Kellerman, commentator for HBO
3. Jim Lampley, commentator for HBO
4. Roy Jones Junior, commentator for HBO
5. Gennady Mashianov, Bivol's trainer, corner
6. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial scorer
7. Derik Santos, Barrera's trainer, corner
8. Abror Tursunpulatov, Kovalev's trainer, corner
9. Bulent Baser, Mikhalkin's trainer, corner


Donnie Nietes VS Juan Carlos Reveco/McWilliams Arroyo VS Carlos Cuadras/Wisaksil Wangek VS Juan Francisco Estrada Card:
(HBO Broadcast)

1. Jim Lampley, commentator for HBO
2. Max Kellerman, commentator for HBO
3. Andre Ward, commentator for HBO
4. Harold Lederman, unofficial scorer for HBO
5. Michael Buffer, announcer
6. Jerry Olaya, interpreter for HBO (Spanish)
7. Edmund Villamor, Nietes' trainer, in corner
8. Ariel Cuello, Reveco's trainer, in corner
9. Abel Sanchez, Cuadras' trainer, in corner
10. Sergey Kovalev, in audience, mentioned/shown on camera
11. Egis Klimas, in audience, sitting with Sergey Kovalev, mentioned/shown on camera
12. Anthony Otero, Arroyo's trainer
13. Chokchai Pisitwuttinan, Wangek's trainer
14. Walter Sarnoi, HBO interpreter for Wangek's trainer
15. Dmitry Bivol, announced on camera, in audience
16. Jose Caballero, Estrada's trainer.
17. Jarrell Miller, announced on camera, in audience --- Unidentified, but right behind Miller, I could swear was an actor of some note who wasn't announced, but I can't remember where I'd know him from. He looked to be young, quite heavy, and a lighter-skinned black man. If anyone knows, please fill in the blank here.

Devon Alexander VS Victor Ortiz Card:
PBC via Fox

1. Sean Grande, commentator
2. Virgil Hunter, commentator
3. Robert Guerrero, commentator
4. Joseph Janik, as Ortiz's trainer
5. Carlos Vargas, as Ortiz's cutman
6. Temo Ortiz, as Ortiz's second
7. David Rodela, as Ortiz's second
8. Kate Abdo, commentator

Jerwin Ancajas VS Israel Gonzalez/Gilberto Ramirez VS Habib Ahmed Card:
ESPN Broadcast, with Top Rank, from Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

1. Michael Buffer, announcer
2. Joe Tessitore, ESPN commentator
3. Tim Bradley, sitting in with Joe Tessitore as ESPN commentator
4. Mark Kriegel, ESPN commentator
5. Bernardo Osuna, with ESPN, interviewing
6. Terence Crawford, interviewed by Bernardo Osuna

2017 Fights:


Rey Vargas VS Oscar Negrete/Sadam Ali VS Miguel Cotto Card:
HBO Broadcast, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA, promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto Promotions

1. Michael Buffer, ring announcer
2. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
3. Max Kellerman, HBO commentator
4. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
5. Jerry Olaya, HBO's Spanish to English interpreter
6. Nacho Beristain, Ray Vargas' trainer, in corner
7. Manny Robles, Negrete's trainer, in corner
8. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial scorer
9. Curtis Stevens, came in with Sadam Ali
10. Andre Rozier, trainer in corner for Sadam Ali
11. Freddie Roach, trainer in corner for Miguel Cotto
12. Danny Jacobs, in audience, with son, announced on camera
13. Bernard Hopkins, showed in the ring after the fight, likely in his role for GBP
14. Oscar De La Hoya, showed in the ring after the fight, likely in his role for GBP

Yves Ulysse Junior VS Cletus Seldin/Gary O'Sullivan VS Antoine Douglas/Billy Joe Saunders VS David Lemieux Card:
HBO Broadcast

1. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
2. Max Kellerman, HBO commentator
3. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
4. Michael Buffer, announcer
5. Harlod Lederman, HBO's unofficial scorer
6. Pete Brodsky, cutman and trainer in Seldin's corner
7. Renald Boisvert, trainer of Ulysse Junior
8. Christian Gauthier, interpreter of both Boisvert and Ramsay (I think French)
9. Dennis Porter, Douglas' trainer
10. Paschal Collins, O'Sullivan's trainer
11.Dominic Ingle, Saunders' trainer
12. Marc Ramsay, Lemieux's tainer
13. Jennifer Abel, Olympic bronze medalist diver, noted as Lemieux's girlfriend in audience by HBO


Avery Sparrow VS Jose Lopez/Lamont Roach Junior VS Ray Perez Card:
ESPN, with Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto Promotions, MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hil, Maryland, USA

1. Bernardo Osuna, ESPN commentator
2. Bernard Hopkins, ESPN commentator
3. Mark Fratto, ring announcer
4. Lamont Roach Senior, trainer, in corner, for Lamont Roach Junior
5. John White, cutman for Lamont Roach Junior
6. Christopher Ray, second assistant for Lamont Roach Junior

Miguel Cruz VS David Grayton/Devon Alexander VS Walter Castillo Card:
PBC on FS1 Broadcast, Coliseum, Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

1. Ray Flores, FS1/PBC commentator
2. Sergio Mora, FS1/PBC commentator
3. Jordan Hardy, FS1/PBC interviewer, interviewing Devon Alexander on camera
4. O'Neil Watson, trainer in corner with Miguel Cruz, and working as cutman
5. John David Jackson, also a trainer in corner with Miguel Cruz
6. Gary Russell Junior, stepped in to chat with the commentating team, there for his two brothers who were fighting that night.
7. Osmiri “Moro Jr” Fernandez, Walter Castillo's trainer, in corner
8. Kevin Cunningham, Alexander's trainer, in corner
9. Keith Thurman, in audience, announced on camera

Ryan Karl VS Kareem Martin/ Jamontay Clark VS Domonique Dolton/Anthony Dirrell VS Denis Douglin Card:
 PBC on FS1 Broadcast, Dort Federal Event Center, Flint, Michigan, USA

1. Ray Flores. PBC/FS1 commentator
2. Robert Easter PBC/FS1 commentator
3. Ronnie Shields, in Karl's corner, as trainer
4. Barry Hunter, as Kareem Martin's trainer, in corner
5. Johnathon Banks, in Dolton's corner, trainer
6. Andre Berto, came in to join Easter and Flores in the third match-Dirrell VS Douglin
7. Andre Dirrell is ringside, says Ray Flores
8. Saphya Douglin, Denis Douglin's trainer and mother
9. Javon "Sugar" Hill, Dirrell's trainer, in corner

Vergil Ortiz Junior VS Evandro Cavalheiro Alexis Rocha VS Pascual Salgado/Jose Martinez VS Jesus Martinez Card:
Golden Boy Promotions on ESPN Broadcast, Poliforum Benito Juarez, Cancun, Mexico

1. Mark Fratto, ring announcer
2. Bernardo Osuna, ESPN commentator
3. Bernard Hopkins, ESPN commentator
4. Joel Diaz, coming in as Vergil Ortiz' Trainer
5. Feliceo Gonzalez, president of Cancun boxing commission, interviewed by Bernardo Osuna and Bernard Hopkins after controversial knockout of Calheiro.
6. Pepe Gomez, announced on camera, sitting next to Rafael Marquez
7. Rafael Marquez, announced on camera, sitting next to Pepe Gomez

Yuriorkis Gamboa VS Jason Sosa/Sullivan Barrera VS Felix Valera/Sergey Kovalev VS Vyacheslav Shabranskyy Card:

1. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
2. Max Kellerman, HBO commentator
3. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
4. Michael Buffer, announcer
5. Pedro Roque Otano, Gamboa's trainer, in corner
6. Jerry Olaya, HBO's Spanish interpreter
7. Raul Rivas, Jason Sosa's trainer, in corner
8. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial scorer
9. Derik Santos, Barrera's trainer, in corner
10. Valera's trainer, in corner, unverified by HBO that I saw or heard, but I believe it was Luis "Chiro" Perez
11. Dmitry Bivol, pictured in audience, announced on camera
12. Manny Robles, Shabranskyy's trainer, in corner
13. Tevin Farmer, pictured in audience, announced on camera
14. Abror Tursunpulatov, Kovalev's trainer, corner

Artur Beterbiev VS Enrico Koelling/Jose Carlos Ramirez VS Mike Reed Card:
Top Rank: ESPN Broadcast, Save Mart Arena, Fresno, California, USA

1. Brian Kenny, ESPN commentator
2. Teddy Atlas, ESPN commentator
3. Bernardo Osuna, ESPN commentator
4. Mark Kriegel, ESPN commentator
5. Oleksandr Gvozdyk, pictued in audience, sitting nexto to Vasyl Lomachenko (Atlas rates him #1 light heavyweight)
6. Vasyl Lomachenko, mentioned on camera and pictured in audience sitting next to Oleksandr Gvozdyk.
7. Marc Ramsay, Beterbiev's trainer, in corner
8. Luc-Vincent Ouellet ? Assistant, Beterbiev's corner
9. Russ Anber, Beterbiev's cutman, Beterbiev's
10. Egis Klimas, sitting with Vasyl Lomachenko, as he's interviewed, helping him with some English, sort of. He is Lomachenko's manager.
11. Lupe Contreras, announcer
12.  Buck Pinson, Mike Reed's trainer and father
13. Freddie Roach, Jose Carlos Ramirez's trainer, in corner
14. Janet Uribe, singing the national anthem

Cletus Seldin VS Roberto Ortiz/Jarrell Miller VS Mariusz Wach/Danny Jacobs VS Luis Arias Card:

1. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
2. Max Kellerman, HBO commentator
3. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
4. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial scorer
5. Manuel Lopez, Roberto Ortiz's trainer, in corner
6. Jerry Olaya, HBO's Spanish interpreter
7. Michael Buffer, announcer
8. Gerry Cooney, announced on camera, in audience
9. Piotr Wilczewski, Wach's trainer, in corner
10. Jeff Wojciechowski, HBO interpreter for Wilczewski
11. Harvey Keitt, Miller's trainer, in corner
12. Andre Rozier, Jacobs' trainer, in corner
13. John David Jackson, Arias' trainer, in corner
14. Sadam Ali, pictured in audience, announced on camera

Hector Tanajara Junior VS Jesus Serrano/Juan Carlos Abreu VS Jesus Soto Karass Card:
GBP through ESPN broadcast, from Casino Del Sol, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

1. Joel Diaz, guest commentator for ESPN
2. Bernardo Osuna, commentator for ESPN
3. Robert Garcia, trainer for Tanajara, in corner
4. Hector Tanajara Senior, in Junior's corner, as Cutman
5. Javier Angel Contreras, 2nd assistant to Tanajara, in corner
6. Joe Martinez, announcer
7. Ramon Morales, trainer for Soto Karass, in corner
8. Francisco Espinoza, Cutman for Soto Karass
9. Rene Miranda, 2nd Asst, Soto Karass' corner
10. Ernesto Sanchez Carbonell, Abreu's corner?
11. Wilber Rodriguez? Abreu's corner


Ryota Murata VS Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam Card
Top Rank on ESPN
broadcast from Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan

1. Jimmy Lennon Junior, as announcer
2. Teddy Atlas, as ESPN commentator, and unofficial scorer
3. John Brickley, as ESPN commentator
4. Emiko Suzuki (???) Unverified name, announced as the singer of the Japanese national anthem


Yuriorkis Gamboa VS Rene Alvarado/David Lemieux VS Curtis Stevens

1. Jim Lampley, HBO team, commentator
2. Michael Buffer, announcer
3. Max Kellerman, HBO team, commentator
4. Jerry Olaya, HBO team, Spanish interpreter in Gamboa's corner, ID'd between rounds 1 & 2.
5. Carlos Gamboa, working Yuriorkis' corner, Jim Lampley ID's him as his trainer and father, ID'd between rounds 1 & 2.
6. Roy Jones Junior, HBO team, commentator
7. Sergio Gonzalez, ID'd between rounds 2 & 3, working Alvarado's corner as his trainer.
8. Harold Lederman, HBO team, unofficial scorer
9. Bernard Hopkins, entered the ring with Lemieux and Stevens, likely as GBP representative
10. Marc Ramsay, Lemieux's trainer, ID'd between rounds 2 &3, working David's corner
11. Eric Heuberger, interpreter in Lemieux's corner, ID'd between rounds 2 & 3, French(?)
12. Tanya Stevens, Curtis' mother, ID'd in audience, between rounds 1 & 2.
13. John David Jackson, Stevens' trainer, working his corner, between rounds 1 & 2. 

2016 Fights:

2015 Fights:


Michael Hunter VS Jason Douglas/Ahmed Elbiali VS Mariano Hilario/Gerald Washington VS Amir Mansour Card: 
(PBC/FS1 Broadcast)

1. Brian Custer, PBC/FS1 commentator
2. Virgil Hunter, PBC/FS1 commentator
3. Paulie Malignaggi, PBC/FS1 commentator
4. Ray Flores, announcer
5. Carlos Albuerne, in Elbiali's corner, as trainer
6. Calvin Davis, Amir Mansour's corner, trainer
7. Howard Mosely, Amir Mansour's corner, trainer
8. James Gibbs, Amir Mansour's corner, ???

Ryan Karl VS Alfonso Leonel Olvera/Jose Uzcategui VS Julius Jackson/Argenis Mendez VS Miguel Vazquez Card: 
(FS1/PBC Broadcast)

1. Brian Custer, PBC/FS1 commentator
2. Virgil Hunter, PBC/FS1 commentator
3. Paulie Malignaggi, PBC/FS1 commentator
4. Ray Flores, announcer
5. Tim Duncan, in audience, announced on camera
6. Marcos Villegas, unofficial scorer for PBC/FS1
7. Marc Farrait, Argenis Mendez's corner, trainer
8. Moses Vereo?, Argenis Mendez's corner, trainer? (extremely difficult to read)
9. Toco? Harlib?, Argenis Mendez's corner, cutman?  (extremely difficult to read)
10. Miguel Vazquez Senior, Miguel Vazquez's corner, trainer
11. Javier Capetillo Junior, Miguel Vazquez's corner, trainer
12. Ramon Morales, Miguel Vazquez's corner, cutman

Humberto Soto VS Antonio Orozco/Lucas Matthysse VS Viktor Postol card:
(HBO Broadcast)

1. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
2. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
3. Max Kellerman, HBO commentator
4. Michael Buffer, announcer
5. Romulo Quirarte Junior, in Humberto Soto's corner, as trainer
6. Carlos Barragan Junior, in Antonio Orozco's corner, as trainer 
7. Oscar De La Hoya, in audience, sitting next to Bob Arum, presumably both as promoters
(unofficial, spotted by me, not announced on camera)
8. Bob Arum, in audience, sitting next to Oscar De La Hoya, presumably both as promoters
(unofficial, spotted by me, not announced on camera) 
9. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial scorer
10. Bernard Hopkins, assumed in an official capacity as a promoter, stepped into the ring to speak with the fighters
11. Freddie Roach, head trainer, in Postol's corner
12. Marvin Somodio, in Postol's corner
13. Vasyl Lomachenko, announced on camera, in audience, said to be there in support of fellow Ukrainian, Viktor Postol
14. Vassili Ossipov, labeled onscreen as the interpreter for Viktor Postol's interview
15. Jerry Olaya, the regular HBO Spanish language translator, for Lucas Matthysse's post-fight interview


Chris Arreola VS Fred Kassi/Carl Frampton VS Alejandro Gonzalez Junior Card:

1. Al Bernstein, guest analyst for PBC.
2. Virgil Hunter, PBC commentator
3. Brian Custer, PBC commentator
4. Paulie Malignaggi, PBC commentator
5. Steve Farhood, PBC unofficial scorer

Willie Nelson VS Tony Harrison/Keith Thurman VS Luis Collazo Card: 
(PBC card on ESPN)

1. Teddy Atlas, PBC commentator
2. Joe Tessitore, PBC commentator
3. Winky Wright, in audience, announced on camera
4. Riddick Bowe, in audience, announced on camera
5. Antonio Tarver, in audience, announced on camera
6. Dick Vitale, in audience, announced on camera
7. Todd Grisham, with PBC
8. Nate Campbell, not announced but I think it was him seated behind Antonio Tarver
9. Bernardo Osuna
10. "Sweet Baby" Ray Flores, announcer.
11. Marysol Castro, with PBC/ESPN


Antonio Nieves VS Stephon Young/Andre Ward VS Paul Smith Card:
(Throne Boxing/RNS, on BET)

1. Throne Host: Sway
2. Nipsey Hussle, featured performer.
3. Barry Tompkins, RNS commentator.
4. Kevin Kelley, RNS commentator.
5. Marshawn Lynch, showed and talked about on camera, seeing Andre Ward backstage.
6. Miguel Cotto, announced on camera, in audience.
7. Kenny Bayless, in audience, unverified.
8. Colin Kaepernick, in audience, interviewed quickly.
9. Michael B. Jordan (actor), in audience, interviewed quickly.
10. Steph Curry, in audience, announced on camera. Later he shows up to carry one of Andre's belts to the ring, in front of him.
11. Michael Buffer, announcer.
12. Andre Berto, in the ring, behind Michael Buffer, shows up during the intro by Michael Buffer.
13. Eddie Hearn, in the ring during introductions.
14. Bryant Jennings, in the ring during introductions.
15. Virgil Hunter, in Andre Ward's corner, as trainer.

Errol Spence VS Phil Lo Greco/Terrell Gausha VS Luis Grajeda/Adrien Broner VS Shawn Porter Card:
(PBC Card, NBC channel)

1. Al Michaels, PBC host.
2. B. J. Flores, PBC commentator.
3. Marv Albert, PBC commentator.
4. Danny Jacobs, PBC commentator.
5. Steve Smoger, PBC guest to clarify refereeing matters.
6.  Kenny Rice, for PBC, conducting fighter interview.
7. Steve Farhood, PBC unofficial scorer.
8. Floyd Mayweather, announced on camera, in audience.
9. Justin Bieber, wearing a TMT shirt no less, announced on camera, walking into the seats.
10. Al Haymon, unverified, unmentioned, I believe I spotted him in the twelfth of the Porter match.
11. Leonard Ellerbe, in audience, not announced, but I am certain, sitting by Floyd Mayweather Junior, after round ten of Porter match.
12. Paul Pierce, announced on camera, in audience.
13.  Keith Thurman, announced on camera, in audience.
14. Deontay Wilder, announced on camera, in audience.
15. Sugar Ray Leonard, interviewed on camera by Al Michaels.

Miguel Cotto VS Daniel Geale: 
(HBO Broadcast)

1. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
2. Max Kellerman, HBO commentator
3. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
4. Michael Buffer, announcer
5. Gennady Golovkin, in audience, announced on camera
6. Abel Sanchez, in audience, next to Gennady, his fighter
7. Freddie Roach, with Miguel Cotto's corner, trainer
8. Marvin Somodio, in Miguel Cotto's corner

Dominic Breazeale VS Yasmany Consuegra/Robert Guerrero VS Aaron Martinez/Alfredo Angulo VS Delray Raines/Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar VS Vic Darchinyan/Alejandro Luna Cristobal Cruz Card: 
(PBC Card on NBC, split event to NBC Sports Broadcast)

1. Marv Albert, PBC commentator
2. Sugar Ray Leonard, PBC commentator
3. B. J. Flores, PBC commentator
4. Steve Farhood, guest
5. Steve Smoger, guest
6. Michael C. Williams, announcer
7. Danny Jacobs, reporting for PBC in fighters corners
8. Todd Harris, conducting fighter interviews for PBC/NBC.
9. Unverified/announced on camera: Josesito Lopez, in audience.
10. Robert Garcia, in Cuellar's corner.


Edwin Rodriguez VS Craig Baker/James DeGale VS Andre Dirrell: 

1. Liam McHugh, PBC host
2. Sugar Ray Leonard, with PBC.
3. Paul Burmeister, conducting fighter interviews for PBC.
4. B. J. Flores, commentating for PBC.
5. Danny Jacobs, commentating for PBC.
6. Kenny Rice, commentating for PBC.
7. Anthony Dirrell, there for his brother, interviewed on camera.
8. Steve Farhood, unofficial scorer.
9. Steve Smoger, PBC guest on to explain officiating calls.
10. Ronnie Shields, in Edwin Rodriguez's corner.

Javier Fortuna VS Bryan Vasquez/Amir Khan VS Chris Algieri Card: 
(PBC Broadcast on Spike Channel)

1-4: PBC team on the microphone: Jimmy Smith, Scott Hanson, Antonio Tarver, Dana Jacobson
5. Steve Farhood, PBC's unofficial scorer
6. Jeremy Piven, interviewed on camera

Antonio Orozco VS Emmanuel Taylor/Jose Benavidez Junior VS Jorge Paez Junior Card:

(truTV Broadcast)

1. Timothy Bradley, commentator and unofficial scorer for truTV.
2. Ray Mancini, commentator and unofficial scorer for truTV.
3. Erik Morales, in the corner of Jorge Paez Junior, as second assistant, announced on camera.
4. David Benavidez, shown and mentioned on camera.
5. Kevin Kugler, commentator for TruTV.

Reynaldo Ojeda VS Monty Meza Clay Card:
(ESPN2 Friday Night Fights Broadcast)

1. Teddy Atlas, with ESPN
2. Todd Grisham, with ESPN
3. Joe Tessitore, with ESPN
4. Nigel Collins, with ESPN
5. 50 Cent, as a promoter, interviewed on camera

David Gonzalez VS Ryan Belasco/Decarlo Perez VS Jessie Nicklow/Amir Mansour VS Joey Dawejko Card
(Friday Night Fights (ESPN2) Broadcast)

With ESPN, 1-3: Teddy Atlas, commentator, Joe Tessitore, commentator, Nigel Collins, guest.
4. Buddy McGirt, in Dawejko's corner.
5. Tim Tebow, audience.
6. Lane Johnson, audience.


Artur Beterbiev VS Gabriel Campillo/Adonis Stevenson VS Sakio Bika Card: 
(PBC Broadcast)

1. Brent Stover, PBC host.
2. Paulie Malignaggi, PBC commentator.
3. Virgil Hunter, PBC commentator.
4. Kevin Harlan, PBC commentator.
5. Steve Farhood unofficial scorer.

Emmanuel Robles VS Wilberth Lopez/Taras Shelestyuk VS Juan Rodriguez Junior:/Petr Petrov VS Gamaliel Diaz Card:

1. Sweet Baby Ray Flores, announcer.
2. Teddy Atlas, ESPN commentator.
3. Joe Tessitore, ESPN commentator.
4. Razvan Cojanu, in audience, mentioned on camera.
5. Bernardo Osuna, conducting fighter interviews for ESPN.

Danny Garcia VS Lamont Peterson/Andy Lee VS Peter Quillin Card: (PBC Broadcast)

1. Bob Costas, with PBC.
2. Al Michaels, with PBC.
3. Kenny Rice, with PBC.
4. Adam Booth, with Andy Lee's corner.
5. Kenny Albert, with PBC
6. B. J. Flores, with PBC.
7. Steve Farhood, PBC unofficial scorer..
8. Keith Thurman, (unverified), appeared to be in audience.

Everton Lopes VS Robert Alexander Seyam/Julian Ramirez VS Raul Hidalgo/Yamaguchi Falcao VS Deartie Tucker/Joel Gonzalez VS Ali Gonzalez Card:
(FS1 Broadcast)

1. Doug Fischer, FS1 commentator
2. Beto Duran, FS1 commentator
3. Jessica Rosales, FS1 interviewer
4. Mario Lopez, FS1 commentator
5. Joe Martinez, announcer
6. Danny Garcia, Falcao's trainer, in corner (not Light Welterweight Champion Danny Garcia)
7. Oscar De La Hoya, interviewed by Mario Lopez
8. Diego De La Hoya, announced in ring and on camera, while in audience again.
9. Oscar Negrete, announced in ring and on camera, while in audience again. 

Sadam Ali VS Francisco Santana/Wladimir Klitschko VS Bryant Jennings Card:

1. Jim Lampley, commentator
2. Max Kellerman, commentator
3. Roy Jones Junior, commentator
4. Harold Lederman, unofficial score keeper

5. Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir's corner
6. Paulie Malignaggi, Ali's corner
7. Lennox Lewis, came in for part of Ali/Santana at the HBO table
8. Hayden Panettiere, audience
9. Michael Buffer, announcer
10. Gennady Golovkin, audience
11. Bruce Willis, audience
12. Terence Crawford, audience

FS1 Ray Robinson VS Sherzodbek Alimjanov/ Murat Gassiev VS Felix Cora Junior Card:

1. Casey Veggies, he performed in the ring after the Robinson/Alimjanov match and before the Gassiev/Cora match. He was also performing or having his recorded playing before the Robinson/Alimjanov match.

2-3. FS1/Roc Nation commentators of the night, Gus Johnson and Dave Bontempo.

4. Abel Sanchez, in Gassiev's corner.


Shawn Porter VS Erick Bone/Chris Arreola VS Curtis Harper/Andre Berto VS Josesito Lopez Card:
(PBC/Spike Channel Broadcast)

1. Dana Jacobson
2. Antonio Tarver, PBC commentator
3. Tommy Hearns, PBC guest.
4. Nigel Collins, PBC's unofficial scorekeeper.
5. Jimmy Smith, PBC commentator
6. Scott Hanson, PBC commentator
7. Liam McGeary, in audience, announced on camera
8. Tito Ortiz, in audience, announced on camera
9. Michael Chandler, in audience, announced on camera

Adrien Broner VS John Molina/Keith Thurman VS Robert Guerrero Card:
(PBC card on NBC)

1. Al Michaels, host of NBC's Premiere Boxing Champions
2. Sugar Ray Leonard, PBC commentator
3. Laila Ali, interviewing fighters for Premier Boxing Champions
4. Marv Albert, commentating for PBC.
5. B. J. Flores, commentating for PBC
6. Joe Goossen, in John Molina's corner
7. Barry Egan, PBC announcer (verify spelling)
8. Denzel Washington, in audience, announced and shown on camera
9. Kenny Rice, interviewing fighters for PBC.
10. Steve Smoger, informing PBC on rules.
11. Deontay Wilder, in audience, announced on camera.

Raymond Serrano VS Jeremy Bryan/Daniel Gonzalez VS Ken Alvarez/Cletus Seldin VS Johnny Garcia Card:
(ESPN2 Friday Night Fights Broadcast)

1. Teddy Atlas, ESPN2 commentator
2. Joe Tessitore, ESPN2 commentator
3. David Diamante, announcer


HBO Broadcast Card for the Isaac Chilemba VS Vasily Lepikhin/Vyacheslav Glazkov VS Steve Cunningham/Sergey Kovalev/Jean Pascal card:

1-4: HBO team: Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Bernard Hopkins, Harold Lederman
5. Roy Jones Junior (coming in with Pascal, as a co-trainer)
6. Vasyl Lomachenko
7. Buddy McGirt, Isaac Chilemba's corner.

Gilberto Ramirez VS Maxim Vlasov/Brandon Rios VS Mike Alvarado III card:

1-3: HBO team: Commentators Jim Lampley and Andre Ward, (Max Kellerman is not present during the birth of his daughter, Lampley points out), unofficial scorer Harold Lederman.
4. Terence Crawford

Michael Perez VS Miguel Acosta/Eric Hunter VS Rene Alvarado Card:
(FS1 Card)
1. Brian Custer, commentating for FS1
2. Paulie Malgnaggi, commentating for FS1
3. Bernard Hopkins
4. Robert Garcia, in Michael Perez's corner.
5. Joe Martinez, announcer

Tureano Johnson VS Alex Theran/Dusty Hernandez Harrison VS Tommy Rainone Card:

1. Announcer: Michael Buffer
2-3. Commentators: Gus Johnson, Rich Marotta
4. MC for RNS: Angie Martinez
5. National Anthem (USA) Justine Skye
6. Jay Z
7.  Rihanna
8. Andre Ward, interviewed on camera, by Michael Woods
9. Jake Gyllenhall
10. Michael Woods, with RNS.
11. CC Sabathia
12. Bryant Jennings
13. Michael K Williams
14. Rosie Perez

2014 Fights: 


Jose Benavidez VS Mauricio Herrera/Andy Lee VS Matt Korobov/Timothy Bradley VS Diego Gabriel Chaves card:
(HBO Broadcast)

HBO crew: 1. Jim Lampley 2. Max Kellerman 3. Roy Jones Junior 4. Harold Lederman

5. Miguel Cotto
6. Bob Arum
7. Oscar De La Hoya
8. Terence Crawford
9. Gennady Golovkin
10. Abel Sanchez


Thomas Dulorme VS Hank Lundy/Hugo Centeno Junior VS James De La Rosa/David Lemieux VS Gabe Rosado card: 

1-4: HBO Crew, Commentators, Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Andre Ward and HBO Unofficial Scorer Steve Weisfeld.

5. Bryant Jennings, announced on camera and in audience.
6. Chris Algieri, announced on camera and in audience.
7. Sadam Ali, announced on camera and in audience.
8. Andre Rozier, announced on camera and in audience by his fighter, Sadam Ali.
9. Bernard Hopkins, mentioned by commentators. 
10. Deron Williams, announced on camera and in audience.

Terence Crawford VS Raymundo Beltran/Evgeny Gradovich vs Jayson Velez Card:

1. Warren Buffett (announced on camera by HBO team, in audience)
2. Peter Berg (announced on camera by HBO team, in audience)


Nicholas Walters VS Nonito Donaire/Gennady Golovkin VS Marco Antonio Rubio Card:

1. Michael Strahan
2. Heather Locklear
3. Ronda Rousey
4. Vasyl Lomachenko
5. Ruslan Provodnikov
6-8: HBO's commentating team: Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman & Roy Jones Junior
9. Chris Algieri
10. Adrian Gonzalez (Baseball, Los Angeles Dodgers, not shown but mentioned by commentator Max Kellerman during the first round of Golovkin/Rubio)

The above were announced on camera and shown. 
I think I've spotted:
11. Ryan O'Neal (seated behind Heather Locklear?)
12. Julio Cesar Chavez Senior  

Ray Narh VS Fredrick Lawson/Curtis Stevens VS Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam Card:

1. Cuba Gooding Junior (audience, pointed out in commentary)
2. Dustin Hoffman (audience, pointed out in commentary)
3. James Toney (audience, pointed out in commentary) 
4. Buddy McGirt (audience, pointed out in commentary)
5-7: ESPN team: Bernardo Osuna, Teddy Atlas, Michael Buffer
 6. Frank Stallone (audience, pointed out in commentary)
7. Sylvester Stallone (audience, pointed out in commentary and interviewed) 
8. Gennady Golovkin (interviewed on camera)
9. Shane Mosley (audience, pointed out in commentary) 


Artur Beterbiev VS Tavoris Cloud:
(BoxNation Broadcast)

1. Jean Pascal, entered ring and had his picture taken, mentioned by commentators.
2. Don King, pictured in ring, on duty as promoter.


Bryant Jennings VS Mike Perez/Gennady Golovkin VS Daniel Geale

1. Jim Lampley, commentator for HBO
2. Max Kellerman, commentator for HBO
3. Harold Lederman, unofficial scorer for HBP
4. Sergey  Kovalev, in audience, spotted by HBO team and mentioned.
5. Terence Crawford, in audience, spotted by HBO team and mentioned.
6. Chris Algieri, interviewed by HBO

Mike Lee VS Paul Gonsalves/Roberto Garcia VS Breidis Prescott card:

1. Rudy Ruettiger
2. Teddy Atlas (as commentator)
3. Chris Byrd (in Mike Lee's corner)


Showtime Card: Vasyl Lomachenko VS Gary Russell Junior:

1. Leo Santa Cruz, announced on camera with family, during the Lomachenko fight
2. Johan Perez, announced on camera during the Lomachenko fight

FS1 Card: Prichard Colon VS Carlos Garcia/Cesar Seda VS Alex Rangel/McWilliams Arroya VS Froilan Saludar

1&2, FS1 Commentators: Beto Duran and Danny Jacobs
3. Felix Trinidad, announced on camera, in audience, said to be there to support Colon
4. Jonathan Oquendo, announced on camera, in audience
5. Abner Cotto, announced on camera, in audience

ESPN Card: Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York, USA
Ievgen Khytrov VS Chris Chatman
Sammy Vazquez VS Jay Krupp
Yudel Jhonson VS Norberto Gonzalez


Announced before the first match and on camera:
1. Mike Tyson
2. Zab Judah
3. Rosie Perez
4. Andre Ward
5. Oscar De La Hoya

For interviews and commentating on behalf of ESPN: Nigel Collins, Teddy Atlas & Todd Grisham
Also on the broadcast as Teddy's demonstration guest was Aaron Pryor.

Miguel Cotto VS Sergio Martinez:

1. Jake-Gyllenhaal, announced on broadcast, in audience
2. Rachel McAdams, shown on broadcast, in audience
3. Pau Gasol, shown on broadcast, in audience
4. Denzel Washington, sourced to Ring magazine online
5. Freddie Roach, in Cotto's corner
6. Mike Tyson, shown on broadcast, in audience
7. Michael Buffer, as announcer
8-11. Sitting together, from left to right: Gennady Golovkin, Bryant Jennings, Daniel Geale, Mike Perez, all HBO fighters at this time, preparing for sharing a big HBO card together, all announced on camera, in the audience
12. Michael J. Fox, announced on camera, in audience
Sourced to Corbis Images:
13. Tyson Beckford
14. Dog the Bounty Hunter
15. Beth Chapman
16. Fat Joe

As commentators: Jim Lampley, Roy Jones Junior, Max Kellerman


Full broadcast card on FS1: Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar VS Rico Ramos/Mickey Bey VS Alan Herrera/Ishe Smith VS Ryan Smith

Broadcast team: Beto Duran & Paulie Malignaggi
Cuellar's corner: Robert Garcia
Bernard Hopkins (interviewed on camera and in audience)
Adrien Broner - Audience, announced on camera
Mickey Bey's corner: Floyd Mayweather Senior
Shawn Porter, Peter Quillin - seated together in audience, announced on camera
Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest - seated in front of Porter and Quillin, announced on camera
David Haye - in audience, announced on camera
Danny Garcia - in audience, announced on camera

Not announced but I think spotted personally by me: Deontay Wilder, in the same side, near but not next to Bernard Hopkins

Willie Monroe Junior VS Brandon Adams/Petr Petrov VS Fernando Carcamo Card:

1. Acelino Freitas (seen in the ring after the Petrov/Carcamo fight and pointed out on the broadcast)

Nonito Donaire VS Simpiwe Vetyeka: 

1. Robin Leach (announcer)
2. Larry Merchant

Adonis Stevenson VS Andrzej Fonfara:

1. Announcer Jimmy Lennon Junior
2. In Adonis Stevenson's ring walk entourage, heavyweight major title holder Bermane Stiverne

Juan Manuel Marquez VS Mike Alvarado:


1. Boxing celebrity Ruslan Provodnikov
2. Boxing star Miguel Cotto

As commentators:
3. Boxing star Marco Antonio Barrera
4. Boxing star Julio Cesar Chavez
5. Celebrity commentator Jim Lampley
6. Celebrity commentator Max Kellerman
7. Boxing star Roy Jones Junior

As announcer:

8. Star announce Michael Buffer

As trainer:

9. Star trainer, with Postol's corner, Freddie Roach
10. Star trainer, with Marquez's corner, Nacho Beristain

11. Boxing star Gennady Golovkin
12. Celebrity screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga

As commentators:

13. Celebrity commentator Colonel Bob Sheridan
14. Celebrity commentator Larry Merchant
15. Boxing star Timothy Bradley

Bermane Stiverne VS Chris Arreola

1. Baseball star Pete Rose
2. Actor Mario Lopez
3. Boxing celebrity Deontay Wilder


Wladimir Klitschko VS Alex Leapai

1. Actress Hayden Panettiere
2. Boxing Star, Politician Vitali Klitschko (corner)
3. Boxing Celebrity Manuel Charr

Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley (rematch)

Pointed out by HBO, during the broadcast and in the audience:

1. Aaron Eckhart, who they say took up boxing while filming Erin Brockovich and still does it.
2. Jack Nicholson
3. Julio Cesar Chavez Junior
4. Yuriorkis Gamboa
5. Shane Mosley
6. Ruslan Provodnikov
7. Micky Ward
8. Pamela Anderson
9. Jake Gyllenhaal
10. Charles Barkley
11. Reggie Miller
12.Peter Berg
13. Stephen Moyer
14. Anna Paquin
15. Miguel Cotto

HBO Team for the evening: Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Roy Jones Junior


Orlando Salido VS Vasyl Lomachenko/Julio Cesar Chavez Junior VS Brian Vera II

1. Sergey Kovalev, announced on camera, in the audience
2. James Kirkland
3. Michael Buffer (as announcer)

4-6: HBO commentating team: Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman & Roy Jones Junior
7. Julio Cesar Chavez Senior, in audience
8. Ronnie Shields, in Vera's corner


Chris Algieri VS Emmanuel Taylor:

1. Gerry Cooney


Luis Rosa VS Jorge Diaz:
1. NFL Celebrity Takeo Spikes

Luis Collazo VS Victor Ortiz, FS1 CARD:
 1. Basketball Star Paul Pierce

The Bryant Jennings VS Artur Szpilka/Mikey Garcia VS Juan Carlos Burgos HBO card
1. Boxing Celebrity Sergey Kovalev, in a black shirt with white letters reading "I WILL KRUSH HIM"
2. Boxing Celebrity Yuriorkis Gamboa sitting next to:
3. Rap star & Boxing Promoter 50 Cent

3. Boxing Celebrity Andre Ward, as guest commentator.

Argenis Mendez VS Rances Barthelemy ESPN Card


1. Boxing Star Mike Tyson (capacity of promoter)

2013 Fights:


Kubrat Pulev VS Joey Abell:
1. Arthur Abraham, Boxing Celebrity
2. Ulli Wenger, Boxing Celebrity 

Oleksandr Usyk VS Epifanio Mendoza:

1. Vasyl Lomachenko

Matthew Macklin VS Lamar Russ

1. Sergey Kovalev, Boxing Celebrity


Wladimir Klitschko VS Mariusz Wach (Lineal Heavyweight Title Fight)
1. Film Star Sylvester Stallone
Stallone was there in promotion of Rocky musical project with the Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali. Yes, it's real.

Gennady Golovkin VS Curtis Stevens/Mike Perez VS Magomed Abdusalamov Card
1. Boxing Star Wladimir Klitschko
2. Actress Hayden Panettiere
3. Boxing Celebrity Sergey Kovalev
4. Film Star Susan Sarandon
5. Film Star Rosie Perez
6. Film & Television Star Anna Paquin
7. Film & Television Star Steve Buscemi
8. Comic Star Louis C.K.

Not announced that I know but am fairly certain about:
9. Steve Buscemi's Boardwalk Empire costar Shea Whigham was seated next to him, I believe.
10. While it does seem bizarre that he wouldn't be mentioned, I am 99.9% certain TONY DANZA, former professional boxer, long-time television star, including famously playing a boxer, was seated behind Louis C.K. as they were announcing Louis. If it's my mistake and he's either a doppleganger for Danza or they'd mentioned it in the broadcast and I missed it, apologies. If not: How do you miss Tony Danza looking at the celebrities in a boxing match?

On the HBO Card for Demetrius Andrade VS Vanes Martirosyan/Nonito Donaire VS Vic Darchinyan II/Mikey Garcia VS Rocky Martinez:

1. "Big" George Foreman - Announced during Andrade VS Martirosyan

Oleksandr Usyk VS Felipe Romero:

1. Vitali Klitschko
2. Vasyl Lomachenko


Timothy Bradley VS Juan Manuel Marquez:
1. Mike Tyson/Boxing Star
2. Adonis Stevenson/Boxing Celebrity 
3-4. Sitting together, Boxing Celebrities Gennady Golovkin and Sergey Kovalev
5. Miguel Cotto/Boxing Star
6. Nonito Donaire/Boxing Celebrity


Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Saul Alvarez:

Present, seen on broadcast personally:

1. Rap star Lil Wayne
2. Rap star and music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs
3. Acting star Denzel Washington
4. Acting star Jack Nicholson
5. Pop star Justin Bieber 
6. Acting star Owen Wilson, seated behind Sean Combs.

Spotted by other sources:

7. Basketball star Charles Barkley
8. Pop star Psy
9. Basketball star Magic Johnson
10. Basketball star Kevin Garnett
11. Comedy star Garry Shandling
12. Acting star Lizzy Caplan
13. Acting star Jon Voight
14. Acting star Don Cheadle
15. Acting star William H. Macy
16. Modeling star Heidi Klum
17. Comedy star George Lopez
18. Rap star LL Cool J
19. Masculinity star Danny Trejo
20. Acting star Emily VanCamp
21 & 22. Posing together famous director and comic Jeff Beacher
23. Olympic speed skating star Apolo Ohno
24. Acting star Ben McKenzie
25. R&B star Tank, who sang the national anthem


Adrien Broner VS Paulie Malignaggi:

1. Floyd Mayweather Junior
2. Chuck Zito


Alexander Povetkin VS Andrzej Wawrzyk:
1. Steven Seagal/Film and Martial Arts Star
2. Vitali Klitschko/Boxing Celebrity and Ukrainian Politican
3. Kostya Tszyu/Boxing Celebrity was there as a trainer for Alexander Povetkin


Gennady Golovkin VS Nobuhiro Ishida

1. Albert II, Prince of Monaco
2. Marvelous Marvin Hagler


Sergey Kovalev VS Gabriel Campillo Card:

1.Curtis Stevens, in audience, announced on camera, having fought that night and watching, while putting an ice bag on his eye.
2. Steve Cunningham, in audience, announced on camera



Tomasz Adamek VS Steve Cunningham Card (NBC Sports):

1. Bryant Jennings (announced on camera, in audience)
2. B. J. Flores, commentating team for NBC Sports
3. Freddie Roach, commentating team for NBC Sports


Sergio Martinez VS Julio Cesar Chavez Junior:

Professional attendance: HBO commentators, Roy Jones Junior, Max Kellerman, Jim Lampley
Sergio Martinez's corner: Naazim Richardson
Chavez Junior's corner: Freddie Roach
Audience attendance: Omar Chavez, Julio Cesar Chavez Senior

Additionally: While I did not catch him announced, and cannot verify it, I believe I spotted Tommy Hearns in attendance, enjoying the final round assault in particular.


Wladimir Klitschko VS Tony Thompson:


1. Triggerfinger, the rock band, played live in the ring, a cover of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers"


Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley I:

1. American football star Reggie Bush
2. Acting star Jason Biggs, seated behind Reggie Bush and attempting to disturb Bush's broadcast shoutout with funny faces.
3 & 4. Acting stars and spouses Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer
5. Acting star Mark Wahlberg who Jim Lampley says "Has trained considerable time in the Wildcard Gym."

As commentators or other assumed professional capacities (promotion, etc) : Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman & Emanuel Steward as commentators for HBO, Acting star Mario Lopez

Spotted by Las Vegas Sun: Jeremy Renner, Jessica Sanchez (national anthem singer) of The Black Eyed Peas, Taboo, Amir Khan, Andre Ward, Brandon Rios, Chad Dawson, Mike Tyson, Shane Mosley, Reggie Miller, Brandon Jacobs, Frank Gore, Juan Manuel Marquez, Roy Jones Junior, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Andrew Bynum, Kelly Pavlik Nonito Donaire


Saul Alvarez VS Ryan Rhodes Card:
(HBO broadcast)

1. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
2. Bob Papa, HBO commentator
3. Joe Martinez, announcer



Manny Pacquiao VS Oscar De La Hoya:

1. Usher, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
2. James Caan, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
3. James Carville, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
4. Reggie Miller, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
5. Tommy Hearns, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
6. Antonio Margarito, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
7. Mike Tyson, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
8. Shane Mosley, announced pre-fight, on camera, in audience
9. Karylle (anthem singer, Philippines)
10. Cristian Castro (anthem singer, Mexican)
11. Keyshia Cole (anthem singer, American)



Miguel Cotto VS Paulie Malignaggi:

1. Jorge Posada, announced on camera, in audience
2. Freddie Prinze, Jr., announced on camera, in audience




Israel Vazquez VS Oscar Larios (III):
HBO Broadcast 

1. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
2. Roy Jones Junior, HBO commentator
3. Larry Merchant, HBO commentator
4. Freddie Roach, in Vazquez's corner, as trainer


Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Sharma Mitchell:

HBO Team/1-4: Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant, Roy Jones Junior, all as commentators and Harold Lederman as the unofficial scorers.

2. Michael Jordan, mentioned and pictured on camera by the HBO crew
3. DeMarcus Corley
4. Roger Mayweather, in Mayweather's corner
5. Buddy McGirt, in Mitchell's corner
6. Dan Goossen



Winky Wright VS Shane Mosley I: 

1. Barry Bonds: Announced on camera, in audience. Bonds was meant to be there to support Wright.
2. Gary Sheffield: Announced by commentators.
3-6. HBO's commentating team, Jim Lampley, Emanuel Steward, Larry Merchant and HBO unofficial scorer Harold Lederman.
7. Announcer, Michael Buffer.
8. Felix Trinidad
9. Don King
10, 11 & 12. Sitting next to each other and announced on camera were Sugar Ray Leonard, James Caan and Sylvester Stallone.





Kostya Tszyu VS Zab Judah:

1. Steve Albert, Showtime team.
2. Bobby Czyz, Showtime team.
3. Mike Tyson, there in support of Judah, mentioned more than once during the broadcast.
4. Larisa Dolina, singing KT's entrance song, Something Worth Fighting For, from the ring.
5. Jimmy Lennon Junior, announcer.
6. Gary Shaw, with Judah.


Wladimir Klitchko VS Charles Shufford: 

1. Jim Lampley, HBO Commentator
2. Larry Merchant, HBO Commentator
3. Emanuel Steward, HBO Commentator
4. Harold Lederman, HBO Unofficial Scorer
5. Will Smith, accompanied Shufford into the ring (Shufford played George Foreman to Smith's Ali in the Ali film)





Naseem Hamed VS Wilfredo Vazquez:
HBO Broadcast:

1. Trainer for Hamed, Brendan Ingle
2. Cutman for Hamed, Ernie Fossey
3. 2nd Assistant for Hamed, John Ingle
4. Alex Matos, Vazquez's trainer
5. Vazquez's 2nd Assistant, Angel Rodriguez
6. Also listed by HBO as Vazquez's 2nd Assistant, Tuto Zabala Junior
7. Felix Trinidad came into the ring int support of Vazquez
8. Jim Lampley, HBO commentator
9. Larry Merchant, HBO commentator
10. George Foreman, HBO commentator
11. Frank Warren, promoter, in audience
12. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial scorer


Lennox Lewis VS Shannon Briggs:

1. Then current heavyweight contender Michael Grant, in audience
2. Emanuel Steward, HOF boxing trainer, in Lewis' corner
3. Michael Buffer, as announcer

4-6. HBO Commentating Team: George Foreman, Jim Lampley & Larry Merchant

"I've always felt, Jim, as I've stated here more than once, that if he wasn't American, his crowd displeasing style would seem more displeasing and his sins would be more easily forgiven."




Juan Manuel Marquez VS Darryl Pinckney

1. Nacho Beristain, in Juan Manuel Marquez's corner, as trainer
2. Ismael Jimenes, in Marquez's corner
3. Juan Rafael Marquez, Juan Manuel's father, not brother, says commentator
4. Jim Waldrop, in Pinckney's corner
5. Mario Francis, in Pinckney's corner
6. Rich (Marotta?), commentator for KCAL(?)
7. Fernando Paramo, commentator for KCAL (?)
8. Jake Gutierrez, ring announcer




Julio Cesar Chavez VS Terrence Alli

1. Pedro Fernandez, who came in to sing the Mexican anthem
2. Don King, promoter
3. Jimmy Lennon Junior, announcer
4. Montell Williams as interviewer, who spoke to Pepe Correa,
5. Bobby Czyz, commentator
6. Ferdie Pacheco,  commentator and post-fight interviewer
7. Al Albert, (? Unverified?) commentator



Tim Witherspoon VS Frank Bruno

1. Muhammad Ali
2. Anita Dobson
3. Barry McGuigan
4. Des Lynam
5. Don King
6. Jim Rosenthal
7. Bob Geldoff
8. Trevor Berbick
9. Sugar Ray Leonard
10. Dickie Davies
11. Sir Henry Cooper

If you have someone you want to see added, I want to see them with my own eyes or have an official link source, so please point me to a part of the broadcast so that I can try to find it online. Like "They mention/show so-and-so between rounds 1 and 2." I'll try and find it and if I do, I'll add it. I will likely not be good with pointing out celebrities in non-English speaking countries but I'll do my best.

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