Friday, January 24, 2014

Seahawks Dominate Boxing On ESPN: Referee Bobby Howard & Audience Have Their Priorities!

In an amusing aside to the boxing news this Friday night on ESPN, in Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington, USA, the Seattle Seahawks were more on the minds of the crowd than the boxing! Former major world titlist Rico Ramos was fighting and the audience only had eyes for American football. The referee helped. Bobby Howard gave his pre-fight referee spiel with the added flare: "You talk about honour, fight that way. Shake 'em up and get it on. Go hawks." and a big cheer erupts from the audience. This amuses and animates Joe Tessitore. Teddy Atlas seems to write it off as an attention hound moment, unimpressed. The announcer behind Howard had a very large smile on his face. During the fight, the audience's enthusiasm did not die down as they chanted "Sea-hawks! Sea-hawks! Sea-hawks!" to the California native fighters in the ring.

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