Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mike Garcia VS Juan Carlos Burgos RBR/Live Update - Outcome

The fighters are in the ring.

Round 1:

Boy, does Burgos look big next to Garcia. He's flicking out jabs, trying to find his range on Mikey. Mikey is patiently letting him. Mikey lands the first good power shot, that sharp left hook. And again. Ward says he doesn't know if you can teah what Garcia does. He's talking about judging distance. Mikey is operating at a serious speed advantage from what I can tell. Those jabs and hooks are so sharp and quick. Slow round but Burgos was given something to think about. Gamboa is in the audience. Garcia round, no doubt.

Round 2:

Kellerman says he didn't really see anyone landing anything in round one. Odd. Garcia is really keeping Burgos outside of his zone with that sharp jab. Burgos lands a good right hand over the top. His first good power shot of the fight, I think. He lands another. Garcia still blocking most. Neither guy is giving any foolish shots to the other. No freebies. Garcia stunned on a counter left hook as he was stepping in with an aggressive right! Burgos round.

Round: 3:

Garcia's corner tells him he knows how to bring the pressure and to stay more active. Big right by Garcia buckles Burgos now! Burgos holds like a pro.  Burgos doing a probing jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab but can't find any place for a right or touch Garcia. Garcia's corner talks about pressure but he doesn't seem to want to do that. He wants to counter and he doesn't get all that much clear with Burgos' length and jab. Still a Garcia round for me, clearly having buckled Burgos. Little landing.

Round 4:

Weisfeld has Garcia up a round after three. Kellerman agrees with the score card. This is a very good outside fight. It's tactical and tense. A sense of danger from both guys but a chess game going on. Excellent left hook, straight right combo by Garcia. More probing jabs in the air by Burgos. Garcia round but Burgos' length and jab still keeping Garcia from doing what he does best in countering. Garcia round.

Round 5:

In the corner Robert Garcia tells Mikey Garcia that Burgos still has that strong left hook that he throws long and wide, and to watch out for it. Beautiful straight right lands for Mikey. Burgos lands some combinations to Garcia's gloves. Garcia starting to outmaneuver Burgos. Despite Burgos coming off so awkward so often, he is not a bad mover himself. Garcia round but very little landing here.

Round 6:

Weisfeld has Garcia well in the lead now. Garcia working that lead hand so well now, the jab and lead hook, so stiff. Garcia stalking, then jumping back when Burgos steps in, again and again. They both are very away of the other's power. Garcia round. Kovalev shown in between rounds. He's at a lot of these matches. He likes being seen when that camera comes on.

Round 7:

Burgos just can't seem to get his best on Garcia, round after round now. Still more probing with his jab in the air. He doesn't know what to do really. Garcia looks to have a lot of urgency, a lot of tense energy, but he's tempering it. I think he really wants to get a knockout but his better judgment is to still be careful. Garcia gets in several one-two's but Burgos is landing a bit as well, with Garcia getting more aggressive. Obvious Garcia round still.

Round 8:

WIDE left hook to the body from Burgos. Ref warns to keep them up. Burgos lands over top, Garcia answers harder and immediately. Mikey looking to feint Burgos a bit but decides not to follow up. He's still outmaneuvering Burgos, outpunching him and outmatching him overall. Burgos misses a combination by A MILE. Another hard one-two by Garcia. Ward talks about Garcia being relaxed. I have been thinking that he looks edgy. Here's to different view points! Garcia round, clear.

Round 9:

Burgos slings his left arm around Mikey and Garcia gets nasty trying to lay into him. He is really not having any of Burgos having success with anything, even holding. Big one-two for Garcia. Burgos looks whipped. Another, stalking ,stalking, stalking. Burgos is wearing out but using good footwork to get away. Garcia round by as clear a margin as you will get. Burgos doesn't seem to have much left.

Round 10:

The ringside doctor looks interested in Burgos. Not a good sign as we get into the late rounds here. Garcia has such a hammering jab, it's very impressive, even kept in a long fight with a longer man. Hard left hook to be body by Garcia. Garcia lands a lead left uppercut. Burgos is still moving all over the place. Neither guy seems to be fighting the fight they're best at but Garcia is a hell of a lot more effective with his switch. He gets Burgos in the corner and more measured, careful, hard power shots come down on him. Another hard one-two by Garcia. The crowd gets excited as he sustains the attack a bit. Burgos is in deep, losing the round big again.

Round 11:

They trade hard rights. Garcia blistering Burgos with hard rights again. I sense if he hooked more around Burgos' gaurd as he just did we'd have a knockout by now. A hard right to the body by Garcia. A hard left hook. Burgos fires a good one-two and follows up with some keep-off-me jabs. Another hard right by Garcia. Some audience members are booing. Stupidly. Garcia round again. But Burgos had some moments. He's not given up. But he looks to be hurting.

Round 12:

Burgos' corner asks him what is wrong. He's getting punched by a puncher. Easy answer. Good right around the gaurd that I wanted. Burgos is coming forward a bit now. He's not sharp enough to be effective with it though. Another hard one-two by Garcia. Good left hooks by Garcia. Not huge but solid. Burgos is trying but it's just not happening for him. Garcia's seeing it well ahead. Another Garcia round and Burgos stays on his feet. Rough night for him.

Weisfeld has only one round to Burgos. Which is fair enough.

Wide official UD in the books for Garcia, as expected. Another tasteful, tempered, strong performance for Mike Garcia.

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