Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Strange Boxing Quotes: Max Kellerman Almost Becomes Larry Merchant

While taking a second look recently at Miguel Cotto getting what I thought looked a slightly premature but likely inevitable stoppage over Delvin Rodriguez, I couldn't help but want to spotlight one of the more awkward attempts I've seen to make a poetic lead-in to a fight.

"Delvin Rodriguez grew up on a farm in the Dominican Republic until he was nine years old and came to this country. And they ate everything they grew and slaughtered, and I asked him if he was ever affected by slaughtering an animal or watching one be slaughtered. He said "No. It was a way of life." Except for one time. The first time he saw a bull slaughtered. Because of the amount of blood, because of the human sound the bull made as it lay dying. If he beats Miguel Cotto tonight, that sound you hear is of the old bull dying-the career that once was Miguel Cotto's. I don't think he can sustain another loss and remain on top."

~Max Kellerman, on HBO, in the lead-in to Miguel Cotto VS Delvin Rodriguez

Jim Lampley's face was priceless. I cannot describe it.

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