Sunday, March 12, 2017

Who Was At Lemieux VS Stevens?

This page is specifically for a listing of any identification of attendees during HBO's David Lemieux VS Curtis Stevens Main Event.

Other HBO Broadcast matches include: Yuriorkis Gamboa VS Rene Alvarado

1. Jim Lampley, HBO team, commentator
2. Michael Buffer, announcer
3. Max Kellerman, HBO team, commentator
4. Jerry Olaya, HBO team, Spanish interpreter in Gamboa's corner, ID'd between rounds 1 & 2.
5. Carlos Gamboa, working Yuriorkis' corner, Jim Lampley ID's him as his trainer and father, ID'd between rounds 1 & 2.
6. Roy Jones Junior, HBO team, commentator
7. Sergio Gonzalez, ID'd between rounds 2 & 3, working Alvarado's corner as his trainer.
8. Harold Lederman, HBO team, unofficial scorer
9. Bernard Hopkins, entered the ring with Lemieux and Stevens, likely as GBP representative
10. Marc Ramsay, Lemieux's trainer, ID'd between rounds 2 &3, working David's corner
11. Eric Heuberger, interpreter in Lemieux's corner, ID'd between rounds 2 & 3, French(?)
12. Tanya Stevens, Curtis' mother, ID'd in audience, between rounds 1 & 2.
13. John David Jackson, Stevens' trainer, working his corner, between rounds 1 & 2.

* usually includes the referee, fighters in the match and judges, therefore we refer you to that source for those names instead of including them.

*If you ID'd someone else unlisted, tell us where and when, source if possible and we'll add if we can. Thank you for your interest.

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